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  • Nasturtiums and Blue Jug Nasturtiums and Blue Jug
    Order Nasturtiums and Blue Jug Image Size: 520x440. Paper Size: 620x540 £240.00
  • Pansies Pansies
    Order Pansies Image Size: 185x185. Paper Size: 260x270 £75.00
  • Pansy Pansy
    Order Pansy Image Size: 223x243. Paper Size: 323x353 £120.00
  • Pansy and Lace Pansy and Lace
    Order Pansy and Lace Image Size: 146x194 Paper Size: 220x275 £75.00
  • Passion Flower Passion Flower
    Order Passion Flower Image Size: 310x475. Paper Size: 440x605 £148.00
  • Patchwork Honeysuckle Patchwork Honeysuckle
    Order Patchwork Honeysuckle Image Size: 390x305. Paper Size: 505x425 £148.00
  • Patchwork Irises Patchwork Irises
    Order Patchwork Irises Image Size: 438x396. Paper Size: 538x506 £240.00
  • Patchwork Primroses Patchwork Primroses
    Order Patchwork Primroses Image Size: 195x178. Paper Size: 275x260 £75.00
  • Peony Peony
    Order Peony Image Size: 268x387. Paper Size: 370x500 £148.00
  • Peruvian Lilies Peruvian Lilies
    Order Peruvian Lilies Image Size: 445x403. Paper Size: 545x513 £240.00
  • Pink Lilies Pink Lilies
    Order Pink Lilies Image Size: 343x528. Paper Size: 442x638 £240.00
  • Pink Roses Pink Roses
    Order Pink Roses Image Size: 660x270. Paper Size: 760x380 £240.00