Jenny in Japan

Selected Exhibitions and Collections


Collections & Cards

Jenny has exhibited at:
London Contemporary Art Fair
New York Expo
Birmingham Art Fair
Bath Contemporary Art Fair

Collections throughout the world include:
Klienwort Benson
Bank of Melbourne

Lazard Brothers
Manchester City Council
Northumberland Print Library
UK Government Art Collection
British Embassy, Washington. USA

Commissioned in 1996 by  David Hicks to produce
a series of prints for the Chelsea Harbour Hotel,

1996  The print Lilies and Plums chosen to illustrate
the cover of a book of reminiscences by the Japanese
writer Tei Fujiwara

A collection of cards featuring etchings by Jenny Devereux
is produced by Two Bad Mice Publishing, The Art Group
and Art Angels

Solo Exhibitions 1976-1990

Textural Art Gallery, London
Salthouse Gallery, St.Ives
Bill Toop Gallery, Salisbury
The Print Gallery, London
Liberty Of London, London
Gordon Frazer Gallery, London
Zella 9 Gallery, London
Rooksmoor Gallery, Bath

Solo Exhibitions 1990-2012

2012 APJ, Japan.  A series of 12 one-woman exhibitions
APJ, Japan.  Etchings commissioned by APJ
2009 APJ, Japan.  A series of 10 one-woman exhibitions
APJ, Japan.  Etchings commissioned for APJ
2006 APJ, Japan.  A series of 10 one-woman exhibitions
2005 Great Atlantic Gallery, St.Just
Honor Oak Gallery, London
2004 APJ, Japan.  Etchings commissioned for APJ
Selection Box. Great Atlantic Gallery, St.Just
2003 Black Swan Arts,
Great Atlantic Gallery, St.Just
2002 APJ, Japan.  A series of 10 one-woman exhibitions
Honor Oak Gallery, London
2001 APJ, Japan.  A series of 10 one-woman exhibitions
Honor Oak Gallery, London
International Grafisk Kunst, Denmark
2000 Hugo Barclay Gallery, Brighton
Honor Oak Gallery, London
1999 Trelyon Gallery, St.Ives
Chalk Farm Gallery, London
International Grafisk Kunst, Denmark
1998 The Book Gallery, St.Ives
Honor Oak Gallery, London
1997 Honor Oak Gallery, London
Zella 9 Gallery, London
1996 CCA Galleries, London
Yew Tree Gallery, Yorkshire
1995 Editions Gallery, London
Hugo Barclay Collection, Brighton
Art For Offices, London
1994 Andrew Usiskin Gallery, London
Honor Oak Gallery, London
Art For Offices, London
1993 Editions Gallery, Liverpool
Zella 9 Gallery, London
Honor Oak Gallery, London
1992 Coach House Gallery, Guernsey
Trelyon Gallery, St.Ives
Honor Oak Gallery, London
1991 Blackman-Harvey, London
Chalk Farm Gallery, London